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tely stupefied; his limbs tottered under him and he allowed himself to be led like a child. 189 Without wasting a word upon him

, Hipyllos brought him before the waiting group. At sight of this pitiful figure all burs

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t into a shout of laughter; even the slaves mounting gua

rd laughed till the spears shook in their hands. “Why, why,” said P

with powd
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hanos, “is this the hero who banishes o

fficials and erects pillars of infamy? Who would believe it? Does he l

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ook like a murderer?” A fresh burs

t of laughter greeted the words. “But—dangerous or not,” Phanos cont

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inued, “he has committed a crime

and deserves punishment.” “What has he done?” asked Xenocles. “He is a spurious citi

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We know what it takesto be the leader

zen. His father’s name cannot be found in the temple of Apollo Patrous.” Acestor raised his head and fixed his eyes on Phanos with a venomous glance. “You are mistaken,” he said. “It can be found the

re.” “Where?” “By the side of your father’s name.” Phanos recoiled a step as though struck by an invisible shaft; but the next moment the veins in his temples swelled, and his eyes flashed. “Wretch!” he exclaimed, his lips quivering with indi

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gnation. “My father’s name is not to be found in the temple—he was, as every one knows, a freedman. Nevertheless, my right to citizenship is a legal one, bes


towed for services rendered to the state. Note this, Gobryas, son of Tisamenos.” These words fell upon Acestor like a thunder-bolt.190 At hearing his

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